Good night sleep


A patient of Naran did the Daily Workout exercise mentioned in the AcuReiki manual as she was feeling sleepy. Within 15 minutes she felt energized and energy flowing into her.


If you are awake after 11 PM and don’t go to sleep until late in the morning, say 3 AM, then it means liver and gall bladder is over working. Therefore, affirm, “Reiki flow through me. Sedate, normalize and harmonize the Liver and Gall bladder channel”

You can count on this technique to sleep well

Count backwards, say from 50 to 1. If you count incorrectly, you need to start again from 50. Once you count to one, you have to start again from 50. It could be any number though and not necessarily 50. This is a traditional technique to sleep well.

You can also meditate on 32 to sleep well. How can you activate 32 in your mind? Do one of the following:

  1. Meditating upon the number or look at it frequently (write it on a piece of paper and hang it on the wall)
  2. Chanting the number
  3. Write the number in a notebook – 50 to 60 times  per day
  4. Write the number in a small piece of paper and keep it in the pocket

Good bye to nightmares

For unknown fear or unspecific fear, ASPEN is the remedy. 2 to 3 years old children scream in the middle of the night. They will cry and can’t explain why. Before they go to sleep give them the Bach Flower Remedy Aspen.

I have a feeling something bad will happen. As I feared it happened. I believe I am intuitive. It’s a state of mind. Just take Aspen nothing bad will happen.

In darkness: fear of ghost and devil. I won’t go alone to the terrace, a child might say.

Hiding worries from others

Alka had head ache from morning. She didn’t want reveal it in the midst of the workshop. Such a person needs AGRIMONY, the Bach Flower Remedy. An Agrimony person will not reveal her feelings and hides it from others. She will always be smiling, hiding the worries inside. If you look at her you can’t figure it out as hides her inner turmoil.

What’s the behaviour of an Agrimony person? In the night, he can’t go to sleep easily as he will be worrying at that time. When he is alone he will be worrying. He will work overtime as nobody is at home. He will resort to drinking and will say, “I drink to forget my worry and tension”.

Agrimony is one of the remedies included in the Sleep Remedy Pack that is available in the centre.

Constant Worry

You need WHITE CHESTNUT, which is also part of the sleep remedy pack. This Bach Flower Remedy has to be used when a same thought is circling the mind. Today morning somebody said you are stupid. You keep thinking about that and that been circulating in your mind throughout the day. You became restless and can’t sleep.

You go to sleep at 10 pm and suddenly you get up at 3 am for no reason. For no reason, you can’t sleep after that. You will start worrying about your sleep.

Let us say a cough that disturbs you in the midst of sleep. It indicates White Chestnut.

Transition – change of place, travelling

You have moved to a new house, or travelling in the train. You are not able to sleep. Take the Bach Flower Remedy WALNUT then.

About NaranTeam

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. I’ve a son and daughter. son is 12 years old. very intelligent. but now he is becoming forgetful, naughty and is always lost in toughts. if he concentrates he can finish studies very quickly. but he is not attentive. He is getting scoldings from teachers and even us. All the time we have to shout at him, abuse him. We don’t feel happy doing all this. I know he is getting into teenage. is there any way out with switchwords or back flower? will he have to chant or should we chant to prevent our anger?
    graciously yours

  2. Instead of getting angry at adolescent child, understand that the child needs to be helped. Help him with bach flower remedies AGRIMONY, WILLOW, CHESTNUT BUD, CLEMATIS, CRAB APPLE and gem remedies CORAL YELLOW SAPPHIRE. you have to give them orally.

    chant …..(NAME OF THE CHILD) TOGETHER HOLD DIVINE for the sake of the child. Take him to any temple. Compel and take him

  3. Dear Naran, how can I postpone menopause? Is this possible? Please I need your help, switchwords or flowers or gems or other remedies, I’d like to try what you’ll say to me , thank you, Laura

  4. laurigato
    chant GORSE SWEETCHESTNUT. This is for your state of mind

  5. Dear Naran, thank you for your care, I’ll chant gorse sweetchestnut, but I’d like to change my situation rather than my state of mind, my sadness has a motivation and is right to be sad until I won’t realize my dream, do you think this is possible? I know you’re wise and you can help me because I’m stuck in a cage. Laura.

  6. We appreciate you some other great write-up. Where more can everyone get that variety of data in this best way with words? For sale display pursuing 1 week, that i’m for the search for these kinds of data.

  7. Dear Naranji,
    I’m Sreenanda here again. My daughter is going to write her class X exam this March. She is pretty intelligent but is not putting efforts for her studies. Can you help me to give her an angel number so that she will chant that and she will do her studies with required seriousness. Also my father has fallen sick which the doctors have not diagnosed correctly. But the medicines which they have given him is to treat him for liver problem. He is 72 now. Actually he had taken food one day from outside and he was having severe vomiting and diarrhea which the doctors have assessed him finally with liver problem. But he has been monitored every time with his blood parameter always giving a normal value. The ayurveda doctor who is treating him from quite a long time has recognized as a food poisoning and could be treated and cured. It was told by one of my father’s care taker that some black magic is being done to us by his relatives as there is a case going on between him and his sister’s daughter for his parental property. Since we are taking care of my dad we are afraid that it will be coming to us. Even though we are god fearing people and chant prayers everyday, a small fear is prevailing in us. Will such black magic work? I need to get out of the current situation we are going through. It has created a lot of sad situations to all of us from the last three months. We need to get out of this situation and should have peace of mind and happiness. We all are very much disturbed regarding my father’s health and also I’m afraid of my husband’s and daughter’s health. Also I’m anxious about my daughters exams. Please help me. You have always helped me every time I approached you.
    Also I’m living abroad and I don’t want to go back to India for the next two years as I’ve been give a great job. I have just entered that position a year ago. Now if I have to go back I’ll have to remain as a housewife. Also my husband has been working in a college for nearly 7 years and he is still given the same position even though he has done a lot of good things to the college he is working. He deserves a good position in his job now as many who have recently joined has been placed on top of him and he is very depressed about that. He is a very sincere person at work, and that is what is always making his situations worse at all his work place. Please do help us to solve the current situations of our life Naranji. I will wait for your reply.

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