Knee Pain

For the last two weeks, Mother-in-law of Balakumar was suffering from a severe knee pain. She was taking some allopathic treatment, with no improvement whatsoever.

Balakumar prepared some AcuReiki pills for his mother-in-law’s Knee Pain.

Within 15 minutes after taking the first dose, she said, that 50% of her pain had gone. After two more doses, the rest of her pain vanished.

What’s AcuReiki? Treating Acupressure points by sending Reiki to those points is termed as AcuReiki. This is Balakumar’s invention.

What’s the basis behind this treatment? All of us know that Acupressure had been used to treat several ailments. The problem though is to apply pressure at the right point(s). But when we use AcuReiki, we don’t have to know the exact physical location of the points. We just have to send Reiki to those points by making an affirmation to make Reiki flow to certain points based on the ailment. Then Reiki stimulates those points and treats the ailment.

Only constraint here is that we have to know Reiki. To manage this constraint, Balakumar has taken one more step forward by making pills using AcuReiki principles. If the patient takes the pills, its working wonders. Additionally they don’t need to know Reiki to follow this practice.

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About Naran

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Do you have Acureiki medicine for Sinusitis. This has been caused primarily by a Deviated Nasal Septum. Pressing on the Nasal Bone gives a lot of relief.
    There are at least 2 more people known to me having the similar problem. It could be a great relief for us.

  2. yes i will prepare and let you know. In the meantime, i am working on another new subject called ORGAN TGHERAPY. A very good concept in alternated healing. in short, i can say this can work similar to stem cell therapy, which people talk about nowadays. Radionics makes it possible. and the beauty part of the therapy is it does not contain any physical matter. only enrgy behind the any good organ is copied and given.

  3. Thanks a lot. That sounds very interesting.

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